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Finally; pictures of the famous Blue Ivy. Mr & Mrs Carter rejected tempting magazine deals and shared the first pics of ‘Ivy’ on the internet. Cute?

According to MSNBC news, an informant from New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, where pop star Beyonce delivered her much-talked about new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, the songstress was not happy about insinuations in social media that suggest that her daughter is evil.

The informant said Beyonce was not amused when an aide shared a twitter mention to Beyonce which suggested that the singer and her rapper husband, Jay-Z were members of the illuminati and their daughter is the princess of Satan. Beyonce is alleged to have commented: “first I wasn’t pregnant and now my baby is evil? These fools don’t know what they are about.”

It is reported that there is a tight security around Beyonce and her baby particularly from the media as the world waits to see pictures of America’s most wanted baby. Meanwhile, new father Jay-Z has revealed his wife Beyoncé suffered a miscarriage before conceiving their first child, Blue Ivy Carter. Jigga posted a new song entitled Glory on his official website Life And Times on Monday to mark the birth of his daughter over the weekend – which details how Bey lost a child before Blue.

In the lyrics, the Empire State Of Mind rapper confesses: “She (Blue Ivy) was made in Paris. Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, we was afraid you’d disappear…But nah baby you magic.” He continues: “The most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real. Baby, I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you.”

The song – which has been produced by Pharrell Williams – is even thought to include a sample of baby Blue crying moments after she was born on Saturday (7th January) at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

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Since news surfaced that Mrs. Carter delivered a girl, so I decided to share this:

1.) Jayonce — I know this is never going to happen, but let me just dream for a minute, okay?

2.) Kelly — How sweet would it be if Beyonce named her first born girl after her BFF and former Destiny’s Child co-member, Kelly Rowland? Answer: super sweet!

3.) Sally — Left field, am I right? One of the 1950s most popular names, it wouldn’t surprise us if Bey and Jay started yet another trend: naming your famous baby simple retro names.

4.) Destiny — Sorry. We had to.
For the full article, visit BuzzWorthy

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Beyonce and Jay-Z’s posh April 4, 2008 wedding in NYC was one of the most closely guarded celeb weddings ever — with few details and no photos emerging from the big day.

Over three years later, however, Beyonce (now expecting her first child with her man) is ready to share one very significant moment from her wedding day: Her dress!

In the video (which debuted on Vevo) for her inspirational anthem “I Was Here,” taped live at NYC’s Roseland in August, the superstar shared personal footage from her life, including her childhood, her early showbiz days, her rise to fame with Destiny’s Child, her mega solo career, charity work not-forgetting her romance with Shawn Carter, 42.

In one brief moment in the reel, an overjoyed Beyonce is revealed in her strapless wedding dress — featuring a dramatic, ruffled train and a tiny waist.

#Random What do you think of Beyonce’s dress?

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Mrs. Jay-Z sang about the best thing she never had, this time the performer has listed her favorite things; while her latest album ‘4’ has sold over a million copies worldwide, one cannot help but wonder if there’s anything that can stop King B.
Culled from, check out what made the list.

Fragrance: Beyonce Pulse
‘The name reminds me of my stage persona when I’m dancing.’
Book: Jay- Z’s Decoded
‘Obvious I know, but this book is great at breaking down rap songs.’
TV show: Jersey Shore
‘I thought, “I’m not going to watch this!” because it was so hyped, but it’s hilarious.’
Food: Oreo cookies
‘I haven’t had one for a while because once I start eating them, I can’t stop. I can finish a whole packet.’
Hero: Solange Knowles
‘My younger sister is my hero. She balances her career with being a wonderful mother to my nephew (Julez, six).’
Music: Adele’s 21
‘I love Someone Like You’. Adele is such a nice woman, and she has one of the best voices of our time.’
Movie: A Star Is Born
‘My mother would put it on for me when I was young, so it’s an honour to be in the remake with Clint Eastwood.’
Fashion: Topshop
‘My favourite London shop. There’s one in New York but I was mad at first because I didn’t want anyone else to go there!’
Style: Kate Moss
‘She’s always been a trendsetter and so edgy. You never look back at her, even ten or 15 years ago, and think, “what was that?”‘
City: New York
‘I never thought I would live there because I found it so overwhelming, but now it’s home.’
I’m not going to criticize the list, its her list not mine but Beyonce’s taste in music is great.

#np Someone Like You – Adele

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No need for too much talk, as Beyonce and Christina Aguilera grace the cover of the 2011 July issue of W Magazine. Photographed by Merit and Marcus, the cover shows Knowles playing the power woman and Aguilera taking the soft approach.

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