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Posted: March 3, 2012 in Music
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Sup peeps!

Here’s a remix to our beloved Bibanke. Ife Love is an amazing singer. Here’s a Bibanke duet with Asa. Although it doesn’t sound like a remix.I bet If you heard this for the first time you would have thought it were the original. Enjoy…


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Posted: January 18, 2011 in Reviews

How can imperfection be beautiful? I believe is the reaction one gets on the first hearing of the title of Afro-Pop singer ‘Asa’ second studio album, if it counts for anything I did, then realized it was the inimitable hawk herself and who just might be capable of anything.
‘Beautiful Imperfection’ is a very soulful and mature material; which opens with ‘Why Can’t We’, as she asks “Why can’t we be happy, smiling, loving? Why can’t we live life, have fun and not worry much? The song is basically about not worrying, living life happily and it is sure to soothe the worried. The singer is very confident, and she has reason to cause her songs are very poetic, a phenomenon which is very rare in the industry, this she proves again in the song ‘May Be’, which focuses on the pain and troubles of this world, she goes on to state the true nature of some greedy beings and what they do best. She tells the listener that no one stops her from being who she wants to be. The tune makes you want to dance solemnly and ruminate deeply at the same time.
The Jazz influenced number with the songstress singing about love and reciprocating the feeling is a winner; ‘Be My Man’ is what she calls it, “…and I’ll be your woman everyday”, the groovy instrumentation, Asa’s soothing vocals and the throwback feel, the hit single is one of the Imperfection’s most beautiful part. She then carries on with the beautiful ‘Preacher Man’ with her bird-like cries for redemption infused into guitar strumming and drums beats has the effect of making the listener think of seeking redemption.
Things take a U-turn as Bimpe has stepped on the Hawk’s toes and Asa is telling all and sundry to warn Bimpe, on ‘Bimpe’ the somewhat diss song is sung entirely in Yoruba.
On the adult- contemporary ‘The Way I Feel’. The Hawk warns, she comes on this track like an angel who has come to deliver a message and leaves us thinking deeply at the end. The message is strong nevertheless she does not fail to remind us all that is the way she feels. The thoughts of a girl dreaming are addressed in the song ‘Dreamer Girl’. The girl who dreams of simple things, who wants to make a change and who believes she would be a Queen someday despite what you think, A dreamer girl indeed. The dreaming continues in ‘Ok Ok, she rants about pain, love and worries but no remorse because she knows “It’s going to be okay”. She reassures the listener that it going to be okay, despite the storm.
Betrayal is the subject of the day in ‘Ore’ sung mostly in Yoruba tells the story of a friend who visits the singer’s residence and snoops for something to gossip about, finally decides to have a picnic with her friends husband in her absence but she wastes no time kicking the friend out of her life. ‘Baby Gone’, the emotional tale of a hurt lover tells of how her baby is gone and she wants him back. Asa blames herself for letting him slip away and wishes she had kissed him deeper. Asa paints the Institution of Love in such a glorious way; it makes one want to fall in love almost immediately.
Asa branches into folk music in ‘Broda Ole’, she tells that Broda to stop looking for her trouble. It is a song has its comical moments. ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ comes to a captivating end with ‘Questions’, the song has questionable similarity to Vanessa William’s ‘Colors of the Winds’ but she delivers the piece in a dramatically, asking many questions and she hopes to find answers to them all. She asks her questions and it leaves the listener answering subliminally.
She shows that her ‘Imperfection’ is ‘Beautiful’, the LP is amazing with her liberating vocal performance, poetic lyrics and brilliant delivery. ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ is a strong follow-up to her classic debut.

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