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Posted: February 10, 2012 in News & Features

There is reason to be happy if you were ‘Born This Way’; as the mother of ‘Little Monsters’ Lady Gaga is launching her own social networking site called Little Monsters.

I’m guessing her fans would no longer frequent Twitter & Facebook cause mama has provided a safe haven. The site would have exciting features enabling users to share photos, videos etc.

*in Lady Gaga’s voice* Put those paws up

It is old news that pop titan Lady Gaga does not know how to keep her lips sealed; again she has let the cat out of the bag on how she feels about artists who blame commercial under-performance on illegal downloads and song leaks. Maybe she was born this way but this was what she had to say;
Issue: Piracy is the major reason for low sales figures.
Lady Gaga: “I believe it is whole heartedly  the obligation of the artist to create a wonderful album that speaks to that generation through the digital era and through the challenges that we’ ve been put up against…. People that blame things on piracy and blame things on music being stolen- this is just an excuse. It’s an excuse for artists not creating through all of that.”
Is it me or she talks a awful lot?

#RandomFacts Lady Gaga is one of the few artist who has been able to push commendable units in this era of piracy.

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Posted: February 5, 2011 in News & Features

Things seem to be getting steamy as Lady Gaga takes it off for Purple Magazine, the spread is to be featured in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue. Clearly ‘Born This Way’ is coming with a lot of skin (Undoubtedly the Illuminati publicity regime is over, so the press will have something new to rant and brainwash consumers with), most of the promo pictures being released has shown a high level of nudity. Nevertheless the pop star is set to release her highly anticipated album March 23rd, and we know with Gaga; anything and everything just might be possible.
More images via ThatGrapeJuice