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Upcoming recording artist Efizy Now has premiered his latest single ‘Shine Shine Bobo’. The song all about the reason why he is the centre of the ladies attention, I’m guessing he might be dropping his stage name for Shine-Shine-Bobo cause the chorus is very catchy and the rap verses delivered in Igbo did not disappoint.
Get familiar with the track
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#Random Call me Shine Shine Bobo.

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Posted: February 4, 2011 in Interviews, Music

The eastern rapper who recently released his single ‘Love Mo’ (Nwanyioma)’ which by the way is already hitting up the charts and getting heavy rotation on radio stations, is as fresh in the game as a new born. One cannot help but wonder, yet again another artist has sprung up in the already saturated market, yes we all have that feeling but I believe, we owe it to music to appreciate and listen to new material afterward personal assessment can be done, support good music; these artists are just utilizing talent, pursuing their dreams and making ends meet.
I derailed a little but that issue had to be addressed, and now we are back on course as Mr. Efizy Now took a look in ‘The Mirror’ and revealed a little about himself, his music and where he is coming from;

M: Tell us the basics about yourself?
EN: My birth name is Momegha Ikechukwu, born and bred in Onitsha, and 24years of age.

M: How was it growing up in the eastern city ‘Onishta’, when did you start making music, just tell us how eventful has life been?
EN: (laughs) Life has been very eventful, seeing that I lost both parents quite early in the journey but I guess it made me stronger, I ventured into music at a very early age… it was interesting growing up in that city, for instance in my hood Nigga Raw had his own lane, everyone could identify with his music, he was like the pioneer in the Igbo thing, even though he wasn’t the first to rap in the language but he made it so cool and now kids wanna do it, but seriously the bottom line is I miss my city, real love and real people; I consider it my back bone.

M: Musical influences and inspiration?
EN: Notorious B.I.G, Diddy, 2 Face, most importantly Jay-Z is just it for me and I get inspiration from my environment, the hustle of life, just the whole package.

M: What is the latest in your musical career?
EN: Okay, in the other news I’m the CEO of Swagg Haus Music Group, presently we are promoting my current single ‘Love Mo’ both on radio and the internet, and a video is in works and should be expected later this year.

M: Wishing you the best in all your endeavours.
EN: Thanks, you guys rock, one love.

Check out the banger Love Mo’ (Nwanyioma)
Download here