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Being a superstar comes with some responsibility. The idea that many people listen to you can create an avenue for a positive message. Omawunmi like Youssou N’Dour delivers a special message using her stardom to inspire change, find out the details below…

Songs reviewed this week.

1) Aramide  – I Don’t Mind
2) Black Magic – Fantasy
3) Omawumi – Stay Alive
4) Distance feat. Demmy — Lawale
5) Eva – Big Biggie



One Saturday morning, my Internet service provider just cut me off for no damn reason. They claimed I had finished my 10gb per month plan…I was furious needless to say. “Why was I sitting in their lobby at 9am on a Saturday morning?”

While waiting, I was thinking of all the browsing I had done in the last week, I was trying to figure out how 10gb would just disappear like that…hiss

Thinking, I suddenly realised that most of the things on the Internet about Nigeria was bad news, except for the music…I love music in general, thankfully there is no race or tribe in music,  I figured that if Bob Marley could use good  music to put Jamaica on the map, then we can change Nigeria’s reputation with good quality music with a different message about our people.

But we can only do that with top quality songs.

Light bulb moment!

The honest truth is that most Nigerian songs are less than impressive. They all sound alike and hide under auto tune and sample beats. I know we can definitely do better, our fans want better. Someone has to do the job of making them do better! It is not a nice job but someone has got to do it if we want to ever have the chance of being acknowledge on the world stage.

Having Nigerian artists win top music accolades (not a special category reserved for Africans that is never broadcasted live) will go a long way in fixing our reputation. That, I want to help make happen.

Although we have great beats and production, that’s about it. So right there in the lobby, I decided to help improve Nigerian Music. That was the seed I needed to start this movement with.

If you watch ” who wants to be a millionaire”, you will be familiar with the life line   ”phone a friend ” – that friend is Chucky..lhl.

He came through and we coined a lifestyle show and called it- RadioHit Show. The plan was to produce a weekly show that reviews 5 new songs without ass kissing or wolf packing. Our intention was to syndicate it everywhere, So 14 months later, we have reviewed over 240 new songs and on over 50 blogs and about 7 radio stations. If you are one of our email subscribers, you would be familiar with our progress in the time we have been around.

I hear a lot of people get mad about the reviews from the show. Well, that is given. It’s difficult to hear other people’s truthful opinion. There is no right or wrong answer, however, we should be thankful we have an idea of what people think truthfully. The smartest artist and producers should know what to do with feedback. Hence, I implore every other artist listening or reading to use this show as a platform to know how your listeners really feel and work within the parameters of these opinion leaders.

That said, my mission is pretty simple. I intend to work tirelessly to inspire a positive change in Nigeria’s reputation by pushing out artists and producers to create quality music, just  the way Hollywood has helped the reputation of America. If we produce and export top quality Nigerian content, we can easily fix our bad reputation.

I would rather the rest of the world think of us as entertainers than fraud stars. Maybe we can finally stop being seen as  2nd class citizens of the web and PayPal will allow us to do international transactions.

How can you help? Please subscribe on, share it with friends, listen while it is on air, most importantly, give me feedback via my email – or  Twitter – @YomiBlack. Let me know what you really think.

Remember, no ass kissing.. lhl.

Yomi Black

Sup Folks,

Say what you want about Killz, but you can’t deny the boy can rap, sorry man …..lhl.

Heaven wonders why he doesn’t get the deserved credit or maybe it’s just wrong decisions with record labels and too much controversy.

Meanwhile I hear people are asking why I do RadioHit show, I explained here

Songs reviewed this week;

1) Brymo — Go Hard
2) Ikechukwu — Bada
3) Phyno feat. Olamide — Ghost mode
4) Dipp feat. Yemi Alade — Rock your body
5) D-Truce — Hollywood


My mother used to say that too much of everything is bad & quantity is the enemy of quality. I assume that includes doing features on people songs. Even though we know how humble and down to earth 2face is, I still think he should say “No” more often, at least he should have said it to this song. Find out which song now!
Songs reviewed this week:

1) Falz feat. Saeon – Cool Parry
2) Burna Boy – Tonight
3) Phenom – Murder Dem
4) Azadus feat. 2face & Sound Sultan –  See Trouble
5) Sossick feat. YQ – Jen Mo


Sup folks?!

The truth about being an Arsenal fan is that you enjoy  the extreme success and failure of Monsieur Wenger, I can easily relate that to Mr. D’banj, who after lifting our spirit on a great remix with Naeto C, suddenly switches the gear on the biggest song of the year…..Lhl

Songs reviewed this week:

1) Sauce Kid feat. Lynxx, Mi and 2face – E Don Dey Madt
2) P-Square – Alingo
3) Iyanya feat. D’banj – Kukere (Remix)
4) Hakym The Dream – Not May D or Orezi
5) Beazy feat. Jaywon – Go Down Low


Sup folks,
Heaven knows that I am one of M.I’s biggest fan, but i also agree that his lines are slowing falling of the grid. The real question is simple, is M.I still the undisputed champion? Shout out to Efa, Maytronomy, Phenom & Pope Da Hitman, one of you is up next.

Songs reviewed this week:

1) Duncan Mighty feat. Shaggy- Whine It

2) M.I & Naeto C – Bartender

3) Sasha P – Bad Girl P

4) Wande Coal – Sexellency

5) Arrel – Let’s Go


Celebrity photographer ‘Yomi Black’ and stylist/designer ‘House of Malik’ teams up to make a goddess and diva out of ‘High’ rapper ‘Eva Alordiah’. The female emcee who just recently joined Trybe Records, hence becoming the label’s first lady looks both alluring and stunning in these photographs, which her trademark Mo’ Hawk and killer looks; what more could we ask for?

Sup folks,

Some people believe that African leader s always hold on to power by any means accessible and for way too long, let me add Nigerian artist to that list, some artist just don’t know when to retire…
Who  remembers this adage; “bow out when the ovation is loudest”.

Now to the business of the day 
1) Rugged Man feat. Mbryo – Ruggedy Baba Part. 2
2) Rayce – Figure 8
3) Clay Ft Vector  –  Dancing in the sun
4) Dare feat. Ice Prince & Jozi – Asiko
5) Beazy – In The Mood


Sup Folks,

Last week, I read a post on which said ” be yourself, everyone else is taken”. It made me realise that when musicians fall under pressure to do popular music, they get lost in the crowd.

Imagine a room filled with people wearing white T-shirts, and then Victor Imokuede walks in with a Black T-shirt.
That’s the easiest way to explain this week’s episode.

1) Isaac Geralds – Number One

2) Lynxxx feat. Wizkid – Fine Baby

3) May D feat. P-Square – You Want To Know Me

4) Brymo – Good Morning

5) Victor Imoukhuede – Can’t Back Down


Sup Folks.!

One of dumbest forms of criticism is to shout down an expert in one field . The theory is that people should stick to what they know and quietly sit by in all other situation…please…of course, at one point, we all knew nothing. The only way you ever know anything, in fact is to speak up about it, outline argument, support it, listen and review it.

Let’s dig into business of the day, it hasn’t changed much… 5 songs, 2 panelists, 1 host… Radio Hit Show!!!

1)  M.I featuring Phenom – 6ft 7ft
2) Jodie – Under The Mango Tree
3) 9ice featuring Sound Sultan – Ghetto
4) Tillaman featuring Vector – Ko Ma Ro
5) Tony Touch – Good Loving