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The moment most of us have been waiting for. Terry Tha Rapman finally releases his World Domination mixtape that has been highly anticipated since he dropped his Otis freestyle with Mode 9. It’s been a great past week for Nigerian hip-hop as we’ve seen 3 solid mixtapes drop in the past 7 days.

I dont need to tell you why you need to download this. Grab it & enjoy.
“World Domination is basically about the BANS Movement. The theme World Domination is about doing anything you set your mind to. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it, not by violence not by force but by silent power moves”- Terry Tha Rapman.
Ladies and gentlemen it is finally here, World Domination mixtape by Terry Tha Rapman. Terry conceived this mixtape last year to show to all and prove to some that he is still one of Nigeria’s best rappers. After listening to World Domination no doubt will linger in your heart that Terry Tha Rapman is one of the best to ever grab the mic. The rapper dedicates this mixtape to all his fans who have made nothing out of something, which is his own story, the story of #BANS (Boyz Are Not Smiling).It is also meant to encourage people who are going through tough times and are being held back by the harsh conditions surrounding them. World Domination is about defining your own life, your own path and your own destiny. It’s about #BANS. It’s about World Domination. 

World Domination features a collection of established acts (Mode 9, Pherowshuz) and upcoming acts like Blaq Bonez, Boogey and others.It is Terry’s way of respecting the past and acknowledging the future. Terry Tha Rapman has started work in his next album (tentatively titled B.A.N.S 2.0) and will be releasing the first official single in a matter of weeks. 

World Domination is a product of joy, happiness, sadness and hard work. It’s Terry’s utmost desire that you enjoy it to the fullest. 


ILL-O signed to Real Men’s Music teamed up with rap heavyweights Terry Tha Rapman, Pherowshuz, Overdose to make a remix of the song titled ‘Get High’. These three on the track suggests a must listen. Enjoy!


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Godwon is back with a mixtape “No Days Off”. Here are two singles off the mixtape and you can also download the whole mixtape via the link below. Listen and Enjoy!

2012 ft Dj Jimmy Jatt, Terry Tha Rapman & Killz DOWNLOAD

She Likes Me ft Koffi, Lowkeyz & Mc Smooth DOWNLOAD


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Don Jazzy had the spotlight on him cause of a recent interview with HipHopWorld magazine; this is what the producer had to say:

“If you decide dat u want 2 do rap,there is 1 thing u shld put at d bk of ur mind,ur parents r not proud of u.” He went further to explain that “You can’t expect to go to Ajegunle and you put McDonalds on one side and ‘Mama Put’ on the other side and expect the McDonalds to sell more than ‘Mama Put’ that more people can relate to”…

Rappers did not find the interview funny and took to Twitter to air out their minds, leading the pack was Terry Tha Rapman who angrily tweeted
“‘If you decide dat u want 2 do rap,there is 1 thing u shld put at d bk of ur mind,ur parents r not proud of u’ @DONJAZZY (Haba!)“… “My tweet ws not a DISS 2 @DONJAZZY just airing out my opinion to d comments made abt Rap music in HHW mag cuz it applies 2 all genres 2”

Yall scared ass rappers wen de send me DM de beg like say na taboo I tweet. Scared 2 speak out on wat u believe in. *smh*”

The ‘Don’ took to his official website to apologize and shed more light on the ‘Hippy’ interview. Tha Rapman has accepted and we are moving on the bigger things but for now digest ‘Jazzy’s’ statement:

“My bro I am so sorry about what i said. Pls do not take it the wrong way. i would do my best to explain wot exactly i meant Sir.

I like rap. I wish I could rap but unfortunately i can’t. That aside what i mean’t was simply the fact that i don’t know any Nigerian parent above 40 that can recite our rap word for word. That would be something. If there are hip fathers and mothers in Nigeria i don’t think they would be more than 5% of parents.

Our parents love to dance and sing along to songs that they like and brag to there friends that their son is the one singing. You can only imagine how upset they would be inside if them and their friends don’t understand or can’t rap along with their loved son.

Ok i apologize for using the words “not proud of” ‘cos you could say a parent is proud of  a child that is a surgeon and can brag to his or her friends about that doesn’t mean that the parent can join the son to carry out a major operation on a patient. Doctor Sid for instance used to be a rapper (and yes i know he was not the best at it). His father used to hate that he was a musician. I personally think he was just frustrated ‘cos he didn’t understand the kind of music he was doing.

Today his father is a true believer since he could sing “Something about you” to his wife. Davido’s father didn’t like his music until he heard “Da mi duro”.  Obviously he can join his friends to sing along to the song and be proud about the moment. I have had this discussion with some of my rapper friends too – M.I can tell u that his biggest song today should be African Rapper, Jesse jags – Wetin dey, Ice Prince – Oleku, Saucekid – Undergee or Carolina, Mode nine – Cry. And all this songs are big and widely accepted ‘cos of the sweet melodies on the chorus, meaning more kids and adults alike can sing along. I might be wrong but i have succeeded in this game by knowing the market i’m selling to.

I think i just speak the truth too much sometimes and it gets me in trouble ‘cos i like to be real to myself and everyone around me. That’s one of the reasons why i don’t like granting interviews.

To those that feel offended by my statement, i am sincerely sorry. I definitely wish us all well. No bad belle or bad blood towards anyone. I do hope i have been able to explain how i mean’t what i said sha na there the english wey i know reach. Thanks for reading. IDJA”

New music from Terry Tha Rapman – Shano (Sparks) featuring a rapper I respect Pope Da Hitman, on this totally insane beat.

Shano is off Terry Tha Rapman’s mixtape World Domination which will be dropping soonest. Listen up and enjoy!
Happy Birthday Terry!


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