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Sup Folks,

Last week, I read a post on which said ” be yourself, everyone else is taken”. It made me realise that when musicians fall under pressure to do popular music, they get lost in the crowd.

Imagine a room filled with people wearing white T-shirts, and then Victor Imokuede walks in with a Black T-shirt.
That’s the easiest way to explain this week’s episode.

1) Isaac Geralds – Number One

2) Lynxxx feat. Wizkid – Fine Baby

3) May D feat. P-Square – You Want To Know Me

4) Brymo – Good Morning

5) Victor Imoukhuede – Can’t Back Down


Sup Folks.!

One of dumbest forms of criticism is to shout down an expert in one field . The theory is that people should stick to what they know and quietly sit by in all other situation…please…of course, at one point, we all knew nothing. The only way you ever know anything, in fact is to speak up about it, outline argument, support it, listen and review it.

Let’s dig into business of the day, it hasn’t changed much… 5 songs, 2 panelists, 1 host… Radio Hit Show!!!

1)  M.I featuring Phenom – 6ft 7ft
2) Jodie – Under The Mango Tree
3) 9ice featuring Sound Sultan – Ghetto
4) Tillaman featuring Vector – Ko Ma Ro
5) Tony Touch – Good Loving


It is amazing how OAP(s) and DJ(s) in Nigeria charge upcoming artistes to play their music on radio or in clubs. The industry will never grow in a dynamic way because of personal greed and short-sightedness. Good music needs to be shared period.

Enough beating around the bush… What’s hot or not? Here are the songs, we dished on:

1) M.I – 7 Days
2) YQ featuring Terry G – Sandalili
3) Kefee – Beautiful
4) Code Z featuring Black Magic – Do Something
5) Lami featuring Kel & Mo’ Cheddah – Baby


Hello folks!

One strong controversy in the music industry (especially rap music) is artists commercialising their music to sell records. I find this very sensitive, cause I am a business man and a real music lover so I understand. Nonetheless like most things in life, the key is balance and trying to understand the complex and unsatisfied mind of the fans…kinda like having a hot babe…lhl

This week’s episode promises to show a tiny bit of how people really feel about these new songs;

1) Goldie – Say My Name
2) Omawumi feat. Flavour – Bottom Belle
3) El Prince – Oh Nana
4) Maytronomy – Wetin You Dey Feel Like
5) Bibi – In My Sights


Sup folks?!

I know a couple of people that think the aim of this show is to trash artists, well I won’t deny its true…lhl…but we honestly want to improve the quality of the music and properly connect artists with their fans without ass kissing.

The truth is no one hears more lies than musicians, and it comes from their friends and families.

Anyway, I want to say a big thank you, for your support and continous feedback, it is helping us a lot and as you might have noticed, we are growing rather fast and quick.

But more importantly we want to hear more from you and if possible get to know you, also there are ideas I want to run by you, so you can connect with show on Twitter by following @YomiBlack or @RadioHitShow_ or on BlackBerry (239E2F01).

Now the business of the day:

1) Terry Tha Rapman feat. Pope Dat Hitman – Shano
2) Big Ben feat. Tonia Zee – I Don Tire
3) Iyanya – Kukere
4) May-D – Ile Ijo
5) Falz – Wazup Guy


Hello folks!
I have always believed that Basket Mouth is truly talented & hard working, and probably deserves all the credit he gets. Now he is making a bold step, flirting with his old love (rapping); find out what the crew thinks of his new joint with eLDee and Wizkid as well as some pieces.

We opened a new blog and put up some behind the scene footage to show you more of what goes on in the studio.
Songs reviewed this week:
1) Denica – Supergirl
2) 2Face feat. Bebe Sumtin & Jay Pee – Chinese Freestyle
3) Basketmouth feat. Wizkid & Eldee – Where You Dey
4) Olamide feat. H-Code – Unite
5) Barzini feat. Rayce – Mumu Button
Here is a link to the newest episode:

Here is a link to an Uncensored Video (Behind The Scene) Behind The Scene

Please leave your comments and reaction.
Yomi Black!

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Hello folks!

The problem with most Nigerian artists lies in the delusion that their talent is enough to make them great. In a complex world flowing with talents, you can be sure that consumers can easily be saturated and great talent will mean nothing to them.
The solution is to stand out and be different (Vic-O).

Special shout out to our guest this week, blogger, producer and music guru “DJ Final”, amazing guy with sound knowledge and experience in music.

Here is a list of the songs we reviewed this week:

1) Chuddy K – Gaga Crazy
2) Chidinma – Run Dia Mouth
3) Hakym The Dream – Lamba
4) Faze – Its A Pity
5) D’Tunes feat. Wise, Maytronomy & Efa – Strange Things

Here’s a link to the episode; DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

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Your favorite show is here, “Ur Radio Hit Show” the only show were music is reviewed as it drops with no ass-kissing or wolf packing. Enjoy!

“Sup folks?!
I’m guessing that most successful musicians assume that their fans truly care about them, well at a point, the world couldn’t care less about Michael Jackson or Mase. Yet you will always find some guys that figure a way to make themselves relevant like Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, 2Face & Jay-Z.

If you are an artist the trick is to connect with your fans regularly, cause if you take a long break, it is possible that your fans would have changed by the time you get back… free advice #Gbam
Special thanks to this week’s guest, who was able to make the studio despite the current situation in Nigeria. He prefers to be called iRepGoodMusic maybe that’s why he represented the ear’s of the average listener, so had no mercy as he unleashed the alarming truth on every track. Even me I fear… lhl.
This week the following songs were under our spotlight, hence reviewed by the kick-ass panel;
1. Shayne feat. Brymo & Vina – I Will Rise
2. G-Mac feat. Shank – One For The Road
3. Styl Plus feat. Sunky – Alive
4. GT Da Guitarman – Excuse Me Sir
5. Otunba feat. D-Gates & Sammie – Happening Live

Here is the link to the new episode. Download Now!!!
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Your favourite music show “Ur Radio Hit Show” is here, jump in!
“Sup folks?!
Correct me if am wrong, I noticed that most A-List stars always have impressive debut album, but after that, it is always a decline. Other industries fight harder to keep their fans & critics satisfied, but here these arrogant fuckers called musicians take theirs for granted…
Once they make small money, they simply become distracted… llhl.
Anyhow sha,
This week, we had the famous twitter celebrity “Knewkeed” in the studio, I knew that nigga was trouble from the first minute I saw him and he held nothing back as he dished it hot!
Watch out for his comments on Eedris, Sound Sultan, and Baba Dee… One Word? Hilarious!
This week the following songs were under our spotlight, hence reviewed by the kick-ass panel;
1) Ill Bliss feat. Tha Supsect –  Illyminate
2) Sound Sultan feat. Baba Dee – Temporary to Permanent
3) Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga Jaga 2
4) Reminsce – Kako Bii Chicken
5) Dre Sticks – Show Time
Here is the link to the new episode. 
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