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Goldie broke down to tears after an intense heart to heart session with Prezzo. The Nigerian celeb was screaming, crying and vomiting when Maneta heard her cries and rushed into the girls’ room to find a devastated Goldie crouched on the floor.

After Maneta called out for help, Zainab came rushing in too and the two tried to help her off the floor but Goldie told them off. She uttered “I am ok, I am ok. Just get out of here,” while grasping for air and struggling to breathe.

The singers frantic state of mind was spurred on by the rude awakening she got moments before from Prezzo about the status of their relationship. The poor woman could not hide her sheer disbelieve when the Kenyan coldly told her that they were “just good friends”.

She sat on his bed with tears streaming down her face repeating over and over again “just good friends, just good friends,”while shaking her head.

The latest installment of drama in the Prezzo/Goldie saga started over a disagreement about cigarettes which led to the rapper feeling disrespected. Sternly he warned: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am not weak.” Goldie begged repeatedly for his forgiveness but Prezzo remained unresponsive until she ran out to go cry to her room.

Meanwhile in the lounge the Upville ladies gave their two cents on their situation. Maneta and Barbz implied that Goldie had herself to blame for Prezzo being harsh to her because she ignored him for most of today after she has let him get used to being cooked for and taken care off over the past few weeks.

What to do you make of the Prezzo/Goldie saga, will their relationship survive after this?

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Nigeria’s 1st 24hr music/lifestyle channel is back! Showing on Startimes (channel 128), Nigezie has just launched its new project tagged “Spirit Of Naija”. Kicking off with a song featuring Sheyman (who produced the song) and other acts like Femi, Brymo, sound sultan, Weird Mc, Bouqui, Goldie & Jesse Jagz.
The video for the song will be shot in a few weeks time and viewers will have the opportunity of winning spots for cameo appearances in the video through any of the ways listed below:

1. Follow @NigezieTV on twitter and tweet a picture of yourself using the #Nigezie #SpiritOfNaija.

2. Like us on facebook via nigezietv and post a picture of yourself using the tagslines #Nigezie #SpiritOfNaija.

3. Record a short clip of yourself and upload on youtube, then send the link to .



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Xtreme, X-Rated, Xplicit are some of the words that can be used to describe this interview with Goldie Harvey. The Don’t Touch My Body performer was quizzed on numerous topics ranging from The Industry to Tiwa Savage to Sex Positions to the D’Banj utterances to Money to Talent to Collaborations on this “X”clusive. This is one interview, you do not what to be told about; consume a brief text teaser (appetizer) and the full audio interview (main course) below.

X: Goldie, I’ve been seeing like tons of pictures of her, and I want to ask a lot of very naughty questions! I don’t know which one to start with…

X: Worst sex position?
Goldie: Oh! Worst sex position… I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried one I don’t like yet, so maybe if I did try one I didn’t like I would say.

X: Tell us your favourite sex position?
Goldie: I think I’m very old school… Uhmmm… The Missionary…

X: No! No! No! No that’s wrong… Goldie is not allowed to do it the missionary style
Goldie: I’m not?

X: No, you’re not
Goldie: Why?

Q: You’re Goldie, you’re crazy, you wear all these outlandish outfits and people are supposed to go like ‘what the hell?’, when they look at you
Goldie: We are the timid meows in the end, the ones that are…

X: Really?
Goldie: Everybody always think, I’m this sex monster with whips and chains and all that…

X: (laughs) Yeah, you have that S&M stuff going on…
Goldie: Tell them, so let people know that I’m boring.

X: You’ve been doing this for years, so how do you feel about an artist like Tiwa Savage, who just swoops in… How does it feel when you go to an event and people are all over an artist like Tiwa Savage, do they give you that much attention?… Do people react more or embrace the pretentious sex image to the raunchy sex image?
Goldie: …

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Love her or loathe her, Goldie has worked her way to the top and is still has her eye on the big prize. Check out the somewhat diva’s new joint “Say My Name”. Enjoy!


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