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Posted: August 1, 2011 in News & Features

It is not over until it is over, many people have placed the lid on Lil Kim’s career but still the Rap Warrior has landed a record deal with a major label ‘Universal’ which houses both Motown and Def Jam (Lil’ Kim said she was not going to sign with a major label, seems she ate back her words).
For sure this news is a shocker to her loyal fanbase and maybe rival Nicki Minaj, however the ‘How Many Licks’ rapper is not going on recession anytime soon and I’m predicting a total take over (We all know that Kim go hard!)

Do you think Ms. Jones will make a massive comeback? Drop your comments.

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Posted: July 12, 2011 in Photos

Lil’ Kim has been busy in the kitchen; this time she is not serving ‘Black Friday but a hot shot by photographer Michael Antonio. The photo shows the Hip hop queen in touch with the infamous Black Barbie, also looking like rival Nicki Minaj.
Nevertheless we should not forget that Ms. Jones was rocking the barbie look long before Nicki got a record deal, remember the video for Sisqo assisted ‘How Many Licks’. This is another proof that Pop meets Hip hop artist ‘Ms. Minaj’ draws inspiration from Kim Da Goddess.

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