Posted: November 18, 2011 in Fashion, News & Features

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s posh April 4, 2008 wedding in NYC was one of the most closely guarded celeb weddings ever — with few details and no photos emerging from the big day.

Over three years later, however, Beyonce (now expecting her first child with her man) is ready to share one very significant moment from her wedding day: Her dress!

In the video (which debuted on Vevo) for her inspirational anthem “I Was Here,” taped live at NYC’s Roseland in August, the superstar shared personal footage from her life, including her childhood, her early showbiz days, her rise to fame with Destiny’s Child, her mega solo career, charity work not-forgetting her romance with Shawn Carter, 42.

In one brief moment in the reel, an overjoyed Beyonce is revealed in her strapless wedding dress — featuring a dramatic, ruffled train and a tiny waist.

#Random What do you think of Beyonce’s dress?

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