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Square Records belter ‘May D’ is treating us to not one but two singles. The ‘You Want To Know Me’ which features the dancing-duo P-Square and the solo ‘Gat Me High’.
Get into the treat below.

You Want To Know Me feat. P-Square : DOWNLOAD



P-Square came into the limelight biting on their seeming resemblance with international R&B star, Usher Raymond. Undermining the fact that could not match Usher’s vocal prowess and dance routines the similarities was still undeniable. It seems these similarities are about to clash on a new single that sees Usher collaborating with the duo.

According to sources, P-Square will soon release a single featuring the R&B star and it didn’t come cheap. The collaboration reportedly was made possible by Akon’s record label, Konvict Music, which made the headlines recently for allegedly signing P-Square, 2Face and Wizkid. The news about that signing was later rumoured to be a hype that was instigated by Wizkid’s oga, Banky W.

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P-Square’s Peter visited his son at his pre-school to celebrated the boy’s 3rd birthday. He carried ‘Superstar’ Wizkid along cause the young Mr. Okoye is a fan.
Happy Birthday Cameron.

#Random The boy is a cutie and that cake is bliss.

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It is the 25th of July 2011 and the sun is still shining, also the Naija duo is releasing their 5th album today. Reports say that it is to be marketed by the 3 biggest in Nigeria; Obaino, T-Joe & Ahbu Ventures.
‘The Invasion’ which is preceded by the under-performing singles ‘Forever’ and… I can’t remember the name of the other one hits stores today. Although I’m not a big fan of the twins, I really hope they impress unlike their last release ‘Danger’.
Expect a review once I lay my hands on the LP.

#Random If the album was priced 250naira, I might not buy it. Why waste money when there are beggars on the roadside.

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There’s no stopping the duo, as they released not one but two singles ‘Forever’ and ‘Bunie Ya Enu’ off their upcoming album which is set to be released come July. I was not impressed by their last album ‘Danger’ but I’m still keeping a open mind towards their music.

Forever Download here
Bunie Ya Enu Download here

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