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Posted: January 29, 2011 in News & Features

It seems that the grenade Bruno Mars plans to catch may not be the only thing in his possession; we can now add cocaine to the list as the singer will plead guilty to a charge of cocaine possession in Las Vegas in September of 2010. Nevertheless stans should not be panic because the Grenade singer will receive only probation among other sentencing requirements according to a media report on the 28 January 2011.

I guess it is now safe to call Bruno Mars a closeted case of hooliganism; firstly he named his album ‘Doo Wops & Hooligans’ and now the “matter for ground”, but Bruno we still love you ‘Just The Way You Are’ but this may not apply for the bathroom attendant in Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel who saw Bruno Mars with “a baggy of white powder” last September, which was later tested by the police and found out to be cocaine.
Information was made available by Clark County District Attorney David Roger who told the Las Vegas Review Journal that Peter Hernandez (cool name, but one cannot seem to wonder why he picked Bruno Mars as his stage name, oh he wanted to push records) will be sentenced to a year of probation, pay a $2,000 fine, perform 200 hours of community service and also attending drug counseling; he might as well beat up Rihanna because the sentence is very similar to Chris Brown’s; it should also be noted that if Peter is able to complete his sentencing without getting into further trouble, he can withdraw plead and the case will be dismissed.

Fans who admire Bruno Mars as a role model should endeavour not be caught with the white powder, because his sentence is light as it is a first-time possession case or maybe because his song sits at the top spot on the Hot 100; we will never know bottom line is that when Bruno Mars heads to court he has no option than catching his sentence.


Posted: January 9, 2011 in Reviews

After the release of ‘Just the Way You Are’ which has just been successful as the bombings in Naija, the singer-songwriter Bruno Mars released this slow chart-creeping and creepy song from his debut Doo Wops & Hooligans.
The Smeezingtons produced number is filled with useful tips on self mutilation to get your partner (who apparently opens her eyes while you kiss), to fall in love with you that include grenade-catching (which is totally harmless by the way), hand-blaring, train jumping, anything-doing, and taking a bullet through the brain, Mr. Mars manages to completely insult and show his love for someone who will watch him burn (Eminem anyone?), rip his brakes out and throw away his love.
Suicidal feelings narrated in Bruno’s heartfelt screams over a tumble of tribal drums and a solemn piano; we have pop perfection. Simply the reason the song just has to be loved by the all and hated by some guys who keep saying Grenade ko, Grenade ni.
Oh! If only you’ve been in love…

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