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Ever doubted Essence’s pipes? Then she has this video for you to see. She sings acapella for little over a minute and she was very impressive. Check it out


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Kudos to Mr. Ibukun (@Mr_428586) for the phenomenal piece:

On the 1st of January, 2012, around 2:30 pm, in between loafing around on Twitter (FaceBook is so last decade) and stalking people on my BBM, I see a Personal Message update from my friend, Muyiwa, ‘Fuel Subsidy Removed’! Immediately I PINGED him and reprimanded him to stop spreading false rumors as the FG had stated that the take off date would be April 1st 2012. Instantly I switched to my most trusted source of news, Twitter, and was inundated with tweets (twitters is the politically correct word though) about the subsidy removal. Shocked to my bones, I was in a state of confusion as I recollected the several untaken opportunities to fill my fuel tank as was my tradition every weekend. I pulled a shirt over my head, while praying silently, got in my car and drove to the nearest service station. I got there and luckily they were still selling petrol at 65 naira/liter. I queued on the wrong side of the fuel pump because the queue I should have joined based on the position of my fuel tank was too long. Upon getting to the fuel pump, the following conversation ensued between me and the service attendant:
Attendant: “Sir, you are not allowed to buy fuel from this side of the pump because of the position of your fuel tank”
Me: “Isn’t it you people and Goodluck that want to empty my pockets?”
We both start laughing
Attendant: “Okay, just give me something for the New Year.”
Me: no problem
I buy a full tank of petrol, give her the tip for the New Year and drive off. I then called my dad and told him how I still got fuel and if he wanted fuel for his fuel guzzler (a 3.5 liter engine SUV), he should follow my steps.
I got home with a bittersweet feeling; happy I had gotten fuel but extremely worried about the ripple effect the increase in pump price would be as soon as the policy hits home.
I didn’t have long to wait, Twitter was already agog with angry, frustrated tweets that mirrored the feelings of the everyday Nigerian. Television shows were abruptly cancelled to give way to Fuel Subsidy Removal debates and the radio programs were flooded with angry callers but the worst was yet to come.
On Monday, the 2nd of January, 2012, news started to filter in: transport fares had skyrocketed, fuel stations, that had old, subsidized, stock had changed pump prices, and the cheapest spot for petrol was state owned NNPC at 138 naira/liter. Some stations were selling for as high as 250 naira/liter.
The rest, as we all know, is now ongoing history… (Is there anything like that)

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It is old news that there’s a new music show that is becoming quite popular; I’m talking about “Ur Radio Hit Show” hosted by Yomi Black. The only show where music is reviewed as it drops by guest panelists with no ass-kissing or wolf packing.
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Your favourite music show “Ur Radio Hit Show” is here, jump in!
“Sup folks?!
Correct me if am wrong, I noticed that most A-List stars always have impressive debut album, but after that, it is always a decline. Other industries fight harder to keep their fans & critics satisfied, but here these arrogant fuckers called musicians take theirs for granted…
Once they make small money, they simply become distracted… llhl.
Anyhow sha,
This week, we had the famous twitter celebrity “Knewkeed” in the studio, I knew that nigga was trouble from the first minute I saw him and he held nothing back as he dished it hot!
Watch out for his comments on Eedris, Sound Sultan, and Baba Dee… One Word? Hilarious!
This week the following songs were under our spotlight, hence reviewed by the kick-ass panel;
1) Ill Bliss feat. Tha Supsect –  Illyminate
2) Sound Sultan feat. Baba Dee – Temporary to Permanent
3) Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga Jaga 2
4) Reminsce – Kako Bii Chicken
5) Dre Sticks – Show Time
Here is the link to the new episode. 
Download Now!!!

For new subscribers: Welcome on board. Do not forget to hit reply and give us your feedback.
For those that want to win a special Drunkn Munky T-Shirt, send out (Twitter, Facebook) your special link by clicking HERE and receive an automatic entry for every sign up. Have a fun week!

Yomi Black!

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With the recent happenings in the country (Nigeria)…. i think its only fair, (despite the fact this blog site is an entertainment site), that we do what we can… in our own little way (call it “civic duty”) to enlighten peeps about the travails our fellow Nigerians are passing through courtesy of the direction of  ”peeps in high places”.

I will like to introduce to you Guest blogger by the name of  Mr. Ibukun (@Mr_428586). He works with one of the Leading insurance firms in Nigeria, where he occupies the office of a ‘System Auditor‘. Of course he is an avid reader of this site and i am glad he chose us to represent his thoughts. I have to say i am mad impressed with the way he sums up the hardship Nigerians go through, using his a day in his life as an example. Anyways, i better stop yapping and  alllow you the pleasure of reading his post.

A Day In The Life of A Working Class Nigerian

I wake up 5:30am, in the dark and all I can think about is the $16Billion Power probe and its “outcome”. Say my prayers with my phone’s backlight as source of illumination as there is no time to turn on the gen and the inverter didn’t last the night. I have my bath with water I had fetched and stored from last night (to prevent any unpleasant surprises from the public water board), dress up and because the day hadn’t fully broken, I almost wore a brown belt with ‘matching’ pair of black shoes.

Finally I make it out of my abode and head towards my car and shrug as I notice the layers of dust upon the body of the car. Nothing I can do there, it isn’t my fault that the road directly in front of my house is untarred and heavily traversed by motorists trying to gain some valuable minutes on their journey to work. I start my journey, meandering through the several giant sized potholes and do a little bit of dancing as there are some crevices I cannot but go through.

Finally I hit the express and it is blocked, “bumper-to-bumper” *sigh*. To assuage my mood, I turn on my radio to a station that airs a newspaper review program and I am battered with continuous unpalatable news items such as “Presidency to spend 1 billion naira on feeding”, “Fuel Subsidy must go in 2012”, “LASU Students protest hike in tuition fees”, “Explosion in Kaduna”. Rather than becoming calmer, I am more agitated about the evident inability of our elected leaders to get things done properly. Different questions crop up in my head “Are we that inept as a nation?”, “where is the place of credibility in our nation?”, “do we even have social values?” and several others. All this as traffic is snaking along and I’m trying to avoid getting hit or hitting another car in the process.

Finally at work, later people…

…Eight hours later

Making my way of out of the company car park at the close of work and headed straight into traffic. While listening to music and crawling through traffic, I’m pulled over by Policemen. My heart starts to thump, why? Maybe it is because of the various “accidental discharges” that happen at police check points. Maybe it is the fact that Nigerian policemen regard one as guilty until proven innocent. Maybe it is because the policemen may ask for a particular document that, as a matter of fact, does not exist and I cannot argue with them because of the 1st afore mentioned reason. Luckily, all they wanted was something for the evening, which I parted with gladly.

I get home and surprisingly there is electric power supply. I rush into my apartment so I can iron my clothes for the next 7 days as government supplied electricity is a rarity. On my 3rd shirt, the power supply is interrupted, no surprise there. At least I still have clothes for the next three days, at some point before I deplete of that supply of shirts, they would have restored electricity supply long enough for me to iron another set.

I turn on my gen, watch a little bit of the free-to-air television and wonder when program content became so void of innovation, intellect and quality. I turn off the television and say my prayers. As always I say a little prayer for my nation, even though I don’t believe anything will change until we change our ways.

Goodnight… Tomorrow the struggle continues {when is the next public holiday sef?}

Please note that this Blog was penned down before the Fuel Subsidy Removal debacle. That story is for another day

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There’s a new joint by recording artists ‘Tu-Burna’ & ‘Trick’ titled ‘My Song’.
The Dr. Jazzy produced tune got me dancing on first listen for that reason alone its my song.
Get familiar with the confirmed club banger!

Download here

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Singer song-writer meets producer ‘The Dream’ is releasing a free album for his loyal fans in a few weeks time and has unveiled the cover for the LP ‘Terius Nash EST. 1977’.
The Dream is brilliant producer and writer, he should try to embrace that side of his art more cause it seems the life span of his career as a singer is slowly coming to an end with his last album under performing.
Nevertheless the first single from the project is the self written and produced ‘Form of Flattery’.

#Random I love this cover (Y)

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French Disc Jockey David Guetta has disclosed was he cooked for his new album which is set to be released August 29th. The LP will boast of Hip Hop/R&B Top Guns ranging from the likes of Jennifer Hudson to Usher to Nicki Minaj.
No time for my BS, get familiar with “Nothing But The Beat” Tracklistng;

1. Where Them Girls At featuring Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj
2. Little Bad Girl featuring Taio Cruz & Ludacris
3. Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj
4. Sweat (Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta)
5. Without You featuring Usher
6. Nothing Really Matters featuring Will.I.Am
7. I Can Only Imagine featuring Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
8. Crank It Up featuring Akon
9. I Just Wanna featuring Timbaland & Dev
10. Lunar (Electro Track)
11. Night Of Your Life featuring Jennifer Hudson
12. Repeat featuring Jessie J
13. Titanium featuring Sia

There you have it. I can guarantee you that this album will be worth the stress of listening mainly because some of the features have not ventured into Dance music and this will be the first time they will experiment with the genre. I also noticed that the Mary J Blige assisted ‘Titanium’ did not make the cut but was replaced with the Australian song-writer’s version.
#Random I can’t find Kelly Rowland, they had some serious chemistry but still Ms. Kelly is a star on her own right

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Welcome The GaGa…

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OgagusHey peeps, it’s funny that I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, called me stupid, you get a pass just this once… no time for long stories, actually persuaded by a buddy of mine, so here’s ma spot… Y’all should be expecting something edgy and uncensored; all the gossips, access to entertainment news, music updates and reviews, fashion trends, exclusive pictures, movies updates and reviews, all the events and parties that counts… consider it your personal media take-out… We goin’ GaGa on this one…