Posted: October 10, 2012 in Music

Already becoming a household name is budding artiste ‘T-Kross’, the handsome singer has already worked with the creme de la creme of the industry as he collaborated with the iconic 2Face on his single ‘My Love is True‘ and killer follow ups. The singer’s latest single ‘Ye Mo’ is already heating up the airwaves, so I decieded to know a little more about Mr. Kross.



Ogagus: T-Kross, what are your real names and how did you come about the name T-Kross?

T-Kross: My name is Mustapha .S. Bello and the name T-kross is from “T” Tapha or tafa and Kross I adopted from the movie “the last don” his name was “cross” in the movie.


Ogagus: Nice! Is T-Kross an alter ego or ?

T-Kross: I wouldn’t say that because T-kross is not different from who the real me is except when shooting music videos or in cases where u have to act or something. Am pretty much the same person.


Ogagus: When did music start for you?

T-Kross: My love for music started since I was a child but not from my mothers womb sha,I knew I loved music as a kid but professionally I got into music in 1999.


Ogagus: Is T-Kross schooling or it is music full time for you?

T-Kross: It’s music full time but at the moment am taking a music course here in New York and its a short one too,to improve on myself and career. I mean I read engineering in the university so I feel it will be better getting schooled in what I’ve chosen for a career.


Ogagus: How old is T-Kross?

T-Kross: How old am I ??? I’d like to act like a chic in this part *laughs*


Ogagus: What prompted you to go into music?

T-Kross: The love of it and most importantly , I realized on time that it was better getting paid for what I love doing and good at it too.


Ogagus: What genre of music will you say you make?

T-Kross: Pop and R&B but since its Africa, I’d say Afro pop and R&B.


Ogagus: How was it like working with the legendary 2face on your hit single ‘My Love is True’?

T-Kross: It was ecstatic. His ability to work with younger musicians is amazing. After following up on him for about 7 months he finally had time for me,I mean u can understand is Tuface idibia. He’s always busy but he made time out for me,flew himself to abuja,paid for his hotel accomodation,came and voiced his part in the song and left the next day. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all that he did to feature in that track.


Ogagus: Tell us about your new single ‘Ye Mo’?

T-Kross: Hmmm Ye Mo! Its a song that expresses how I feel right now in my life. The stage am at in my life right now and how grateful I am to God for everything so far. My producer Licious Crackit, Ugo and Femi did help a lot with this song and am thankful to them too. Oghena ye mo simply means “God I thank you” and the song is doing so good right now and getting a lot of acceptance and recognition.


Ogagus: With songs like ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ and your other singles, should we expecting an album soon?

T-Kross: Yep, have over 30 songs recorded already so an album can be picked from those but its still my management’s decision not mine.


Don’t Be Stupid: DOWNLOAD


Ogagus: Who’s your favourite Nigerian artiste out right now?

T-Kross: . Right now? It has to be 2Baba!


Ogagus: Whats your take on fresh aristes that just broke into the scene like Burna Boy, Davido?

T-Kross: My take is these guys are working hard and that’s what it takes actually.


Ogagus If you weren’t into music, what would love doing?

T-Kross: I would be an MC and a comedian, oh and an actor too.


Ogagus: Where do you see your self in 3 years?

T-Kross: 3 years? Am a super star,a global one at that..


Ogagus: I love your single ‘Don’t Be  Stupid’ by the way, thanks for your time.

T-Kross: Thanks for your time too.Cheers!

  1. Henry Peters Denor says:

    T-kross. Is so gud men, I know him when he was like 10 years, he love 2 sing sing sing. Back in d days if am going 2 shows, he will have 2 be with me, he was my best backup singer. He enjoy doing dis and am so prude and happy how far he has gone men, d top is ur seat broda. YE mo

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