Posted: May 30, 2012 in News & Features
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Goldie broke down to tears after an intense heart to heart session with Prezzo. The Nigerian celeb was screaming, crying and vomiting when Maneta heard her cries and rushed into the girls’ room to find a devastated Goldie crouched on the floor.

After Maneta called out for help, Zainab came rushing in too and the two tried to help her off the floor but Goldie told them off. She uttered “I am ok, I am ok. Just get out of here,” while grasping for air and struggling to breathe.

The singers frantic state of mind was spurred on by the rude awakening she got moments before from Prezzo about the status of their relationship. The poor woman could not hide her sheer disbelieve when the Kenyan coldly told her that they were “just good friends”.

She sat on his bed with tears streaming down her face repeating over and over again “just good friends, just good friends,”while shaking her head.

The latest installment of drama in the Prezzo/Goldie saga started over a disagreement about cigarettes which led to the rapper feeling disrespected. Sternly he warned: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am not weak.” Goldie begged repeatedly for his forgiveness but Prezzo remained unresponsive until she ran out to go cry to her room.

Meanwhile in the lounge the Upville ladies gave their two cents on their situation. Maneta and Barbz implied that Goldie had herself to blame for Prezzo being harsh to her because she ignored him for most of today after she has let him get used to being cooked for and taken care off over the past few weeks.

What to do you make of the Prezzo/Goldie saga, will their relationship survive after this?

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  1. zemyen Attsar says:

    Goldie is not just suppose to be there. Her strategy of winning is not going down well with us. Is she dat desperate for a man or marriage? She should bring her supposed high head down and she will get a better niaja guy instead of dat sickly prezzo

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