Posted: March 16, 2012 in News & Features
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If you are one of those people that pay little or no attention to gossip, then you and I might have something in common. However, this past week was one riddled with lots of startling revelations. Top on the list of this has to be the widely reported split of the ‘Koko Master’ and his producer ‘Don Jazzy.’ If someone had told me that this would happen, my first reaction would most likely be: “God forbid!”

We woke up to various news reports stating that the previously inseparable duo had decided to go their separate ways. Yes I know, it still sounds like a fairy tale gone wrong. Who would have thought that this will ever happen? But that wasn’t all. Neither D’banj nor Don Jazzy have come forward to confirm or dispel the rumours; and this makes it all the more interesting and annoying. Don’t these people have publicists whose duty it is to handle all such situations? Please if they don’t have, I hereby use this medium to apply for the humble position of media consultant and publicist. I should probably design a complimentary card and all that stuff to suit my portfolio.

As the week continued, we heard of another angle to the story. According to an interview done on, D’banj was quoted as saying he is the owner of Mo’Hits, and Don Jazzy and the others are his artistes. Now it is possible that D’banj owns Mo’Hits, but if Don Jazzy is his artiste as he claimed then that is one failed artiste. How will you have an artiste that doesn’t even have one song?

It’s alarming because I always thought Don Jazzy was the producer not an artiste. Hasn’t he won several awards as ‘producer of the year?’ Is D’banj sure of what he’s saying or is this just another fabricated story? One of these guys needs to say something and clear the air. Of course the other artistes in the label need to now decide where their allegiances lie, seeing as K-switch and D’banj are brothers while D’prince is Don Jazzy’s brother. I doubt Wande Coal and Dr Sid will have the “blood is thicker than naira notes” mentality though.

There will always be unanswered questions; and we may never know what really happened or is happening but there are several lessons to learn from this.

1.        Don’t whisper in the ears of a presumed friend, they will speak out behind your back.

2.       Don’t trust people who wear sunshades all the time, even in the dark.

3.       Doing business with family members is not always profiting.

4.       If you carry a walking stick, you should use it to flog the one walking with you sometimes, so he’ll know who the don is.

5.        Dress the way you want to be addressed; pyjamas don’t exactly cut it.

The lessons are plain for us all to see. It’s too early to judge or throw stones of accusation. We can only hope that sooner than later, all will be made clear. There will always be someone who might regret and someone who this might work out for. I just hope that however it turns out; this doesn’t spell doom for the Mo’Hits family. Olorun maje!

While we await the ‘koko’ of the story, let us all abide by the lessons listed to avoid finding ourselves in a “why me?” situation. We shall not be ‘scapegoats.’

It is well.

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  1. TheresTwoOfMee says:

    Lool. Ebony magazine has corrected themselves. The new issue states “I co-own a label mo’hits with don jazzy, we represent artists such as k-switch, wande coal, blah blah blah”

  2. awe says:

    Ebony corrected the article but they did not accept claim or agree that the made an error. D’Banj could have begged ’em to correct the original post.

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