Posted: March 14, 2012 in News & Features
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It has been rumored for a few weeks now almost certain that Mo-Hits dynamic duo D’banj & Don jazzy have split up. Neither have come in public to confirm this, and very notably is that Don Jazzy (who usually is very active on twitter) hasn’t tweeted in almost 10 days.
As the stories are floating around, D’banj granted an interview to popular black american magazine, Ebony Magazine. Check out the full detail of the interview, and see why people are pretty upset about some of what he said in the interview. Most notably this section of the interview.

EBONY.com: How did you join kanye west’s G.O.O.D Music label?

D’Banj: I had a concert in dubai and when we pulled up to the airport first class lounge and a hostess ran up to me with a plaque with kanye’s face on it asking me to sign it. I said I’m not Kanye west I’m D’banj but Kanye west is coming? All eyes open. Then when my manager spoke to kanye, came back and told me He’ll give you five minutes. I walked over – as an african man I’m. Always prepared and I played my music ‘Stand Out’ ‘Fall In Love’ and ‘Scapegoat’ for him on my ipod. Before we knew it I’d almost missed my flight and he invited me to New York.

Coming from Africa I’m my own manager, I have my own label called Mo’Hits with my artists Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, Don Jazzy, D’prince and K-Switch. I own Mo’Hits and we’ve won numerous awards by the grace of God. Being with kanye for the last eight months and me leading a successful label in Africa, I’ve learned a lot and believe people will see what we’re going to do. I signed with Kanye in June and that same month I won the BET Award for the best international Act. My New York concert isn’t done by G.O.O.D. Music, its done by Live Nation, meaning I’m already a moving machine. So who better introduce me to the global world than Kanye West, a crazy genius?

You can read up the full interview here Read more

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