Posted: February 22, 2012 in Interviews, News & Features
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Xtreme, X-Rated, Xplicit are some of the words that can be used to describe this interview with Goldie Harvey. The Don’t Touch My Body performer was quizzed on numerous topics ranging from The Industry to Tiwa Savage to Sex Positions to the D’Banj utterances to Money to Talent to Collaborations on this “X”clusive. This is one interview, you do not what to be told about; consume a brief text teaser (appetizer) and the full audio interview (main course) below.

X: Goldie, I’ve been seeing like tons of pictures of her, and I want to ask a lot of very naughty questions! I don’t know which one to start with…

X: Worst sex position?
Goldie: Oh! Worst sex position… I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried one I don’t like yet, so maybe if I did try one I didn’t like I would say.

X: Tell us your favourite sex position?
Goldie: I think I’m very old school… Uhmmm… The Missionary…

X: No! No! No! No that’s wrong… Goldie is not allowed to do it the missionary style
Goldie: I’m not?

X: No, you’re not
Goldie: Why?

Q: You’re Goldie, you’re crazy, you wear all these outlandish outfits and people are supposed to go like ‘what the hell?’, when they look at you
Goldie: We are the timid meows in the end, the ones that are…

X: Really?
Goldie: Everybody always think, I’m this sex monster with whips and chains and all that…

X: (laughs) Yeah, you have that S&M stuff going on…
Goldie: Tell them, so let people know that I’m boring.

X: You’ve been doing this for years, so how do you feel about an artist like Tiwa Savage, who just swoops in… How does it feel when you go to an event and people are all over an artist like Tiwa Savage, do they give you that much attention?… Do people react more or embrace the pretentious sex image to the raunchy sex image?
Goldie: …

Download and catch all the d!rt:


Photo Credit: Wow Magazine

  1. sisi says:

    WHY do i have to download? makes no sense

  2. The vOice says:

    Dummie its an audio interview, u shoulw download & listen … Stop nagging lke a a sex starved bitch.

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