Posted: January 14, 2012 in Music

Okay, I stumbled on 20 year old rapper who was raised in Kaduna (Croc City) and goes by the name of Yung and I was blown away. I learnt that the mic wrecker has a growing fan base that extends to Jos where he schools. Check him out on this earth shaking freestyle “Lose My Mind”; its obvious that the boy got skills. Good music has to be shared. Enjoy!

Posted by @Ogagus_

  1. Ryt says:

    ill jam sir! YMYN!

  2. Joey says:

    Mic wrecker is an understatement, monster!!! Best naija cover ever!!

  3. boko haram says:

    This song is the bomb walahi.

  4. kay_slim says:

    Awesome jam by awesome artist. The delivery was on point. Word play, nice! (Y) . I love the jam die!!!!!!

  5. Boi says:

    We need more tracks lyk dis

  6. MarQuiz says:

    d jam shlda bin titled Bullseye cuz damn! Its on point! Nice 1 man! More Grease to ur hustle

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