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Kudos to Mr. Ibukun (@Mr_428586) for the phenomenal piece:

On the 1st of January, 2012, around 2:30 pm, in between loafing around on Twitter (FaceBook is so last decade) and stalking people on my BBM, I see a Personal Message update from my friend, Muyiwa, ‘Fuel Subsidy Removed’! Immediately I PINGED him and reprimanded him to stop spreading false rumors as the FG had stated that the take off date would be April 1st 2012. Instantly I switched to my most trusted source of news, Twitter, and was inundated with tweets (twitters is the politically correct word though) about the subsidy removal. Shocked to my bones, I was in a state of confusion as I recollected the several untaken opportunities to fill my fuel tank as was my tradition every weekend. I pulled a shirt over my head, while praying silently, got in my car and drove to the nearest service station. I got there and luckily they were still selling petrol at 65 naira/liter. I queued on the wrong side of the fuel pump because the queue I should have joined based on the position of my fuel tank was too long. Upon getting to the fuel pump, the following conversation ensued between me and the service attendant:
Attendant: “Sir, you are not allowed to buy fuel from this side of the pump because of the position of your fuel tank”
Me: “Isn’t it you people and Goodluck that want to empty my pockets?”
We both start laughing
Attendant: “Okay, just give me something for the New Year.”
Me: no problem
I buy a full tank of petrol, give her the tip for the New Year and drive off. I then called my dad and told him how I still got fuel and if he wanted fuel for his fuel guzzler (a 3.5 liter engine SUV), he should follow my steps.
I got home with a bittersweet feeling; happy I had gotten fuel but extremely worried about the ripple effect the increase in pump price would be as soon as the policy hits home.
I didn’t have long to wait, Twitter was already agog with angry, frustrated tweets that mirrored the feelings of the everyday Nigerian. Television shows were abruptly cancelled to give way to Fuel Subsidy Removal debates and the radio programs were flooded with angry callers but the worst was yet to come.
On Monday, the 2nd of January, 2012, news started to filter in: transport fares had skyrocketed, fuel stations, that had old, subsidized, stock had changed pump prices, and the cheapest spot for petrol was state owned NNPC at 138 naira/liter. Some stations were selling for as high as 250 naira/liter.
The rest, as we all know, is now ongoing history… (Is there anything like that)

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