Posted: July 28, 2011 in Quote of the Day

Mr. Idibia did an interview with weekly Yes! Weekly Magazine and the singer let the cat out of the bag about his current relationship status with Marijuana, this is was the ‘African Queen’ performer had to say;

“I have never tried cocaine or heroine but I’ve done marijuana before. But I never took it to go on stage. It was just for relaxation purpose. Eventually I knew marijuana wasn’t for me, so I stopped. Because it makes me feel like I am in another world. I stopped using it a couple of years ago. It wasn’t difficult stopping. It was just craziness that introduced me to marijuana. You know how youth energy used to push one into things like that. In those days I used to listen to songs like ‘ Rolling down the street smoking ‘. All those songs can influence, if you want to be influenced. It is not for me to advise musicians not to write or sing about drugs.”

Bottom line is that he used to smoke the stuff before and now he is a changed man.

Read the complete interview via Talk Of Naija

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