Posted: July 26, 2011 in Music, Reviews

After a couple of failed singles which questioned splitting with former manager Mathew Knowles & label Columbia, things took a favourable turn for Kelly Rowland when she released the Lil’ Wayne assisted ‘Motivation’ before fans, haters and critics could finishing eating up the Urban Hit; Ms. Kelly announced the title, release date and released the tracklisting of her 4th studio album “Here I Am”.
Many wondered if she could hold her own as former band-mate and Pop heavyweight Beyoncé was releasing her own LP “#4”lop close to her release date. Shockingly the Stole singer literally stole the show; as Here I Am shows Kelly in her control moment, from opening with the banging ‘I’m Dat Chick’, which reassures the listener that she is not a force to be taken likely to the diverse cast of producers & MCs; Lil Playy makes a guest appearance on the second number ‘Work It Man’, although the song may seems unmemorable it works and is followed by #whoaLOVER when you call my name” that is all I’m going to say. Crafted for radio, ‘Lay It On Me’ features rapper Big Sean along with the soothing ‘Feelin Me Right Now’ and fan favourite ‘Turn It Up’ cements the album as a winner.
The brilliant R&B/Hip Hop cuts comes to a climatic ends with the ‘Dance-Duo’, the David Guetta produced dance floor commanding ‘Commander’ & the Red-One, Jimmy Jokers & The W.A.V.s produced ‘Down For Whatever’ which sounds like fusion of Usher’s ‘More’ & Jennifer Lopez’s ‘One The Floor’.
The aggressiveness, confidence & arrogance that eludes from her pipes does more than out-rightly selling the package, it makes the record a top contender in the race for 2011’s Best R&B Album.
Must Listen: Turn It Up, Down For Whatever, I’m Dat Chick, Feelin Me Right Now & All of the Night featuring Rico Love.

#Random In November, coinciding with Kelendria appearance as a judge of X- Factor U.K the album will be re-released with a different tracklisting & new songs to cater to the needs of her European/Dance fans in particular.

Posted by @Ogagus

  1. Mz Gaga says:

    I don’t think Motivation is all that though just saying…amma try listen to the others!! and she’s had three studio albums 😮 wow!!! haven’t heard of any sha…

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