Posted: June 17, 2011 in Music, Reviews

@DharkDare once again puts pen to pen, but this time to narrate his tale about the Superstar Fever, this is what his ink unveiled:

Wizkid’s debut LP was anticipated; erase that, it was hungered for… People asked “When will this boy drop his album sef?” and got blank stares from headphone-wearing (WizKid-blasting) friends.
Finally about two weeks ago, Wizkid broke the silence by teasing fans with the title of the album Superstar (really?), followed closely by the weird psychedelic album cover. I gave the blankest stare of my life and my fingers were crossed so tightly. Not long after I stumbled on a YouTube video of DJ Jimmy Jatt’s Jump-Off with Dayo; skinny and eager was on the mic dropping engaging bars and it made me wonder why try to come out as a total singer when you could give young Nigerian rappers a run for their collective money?
A big fat album launch was set up and featured huge names: His protégé; Banky W, Wande Coal to mention two. It seemed to be a success from the few tweets I skimmed. I quickly ran and bought my copy from *name withheld for safety purposes*. I wasn’t giddy or anything just expecting at least something cool from the Don’t Dull singer.

Play was pressed, and the chanty hip-hop flavoured ‘Say My Name’ comes on, quickly followed by ‘No Lele’ where Wizkid delivers on a crazy beat, no less I dance but I could not but take note that he ranted HE IS FROM THE GHETTO/GUTTER *reserves comment*.
‘Scatter the Floor’ is different, not something you will expect from the youngster as the tune combines the stadium feel of a pop anthem with Nigerian instrumentation, nonetheless Wiz hits the nail on the head on this one, despite his below average vocal performance. ‘Pakurumo’ is a decent song following the name drop-a-girl trend, that rising Nigerian artistes are fond off all over a tribal Ten-Ten beat.
‘Slow Whine’ which features Banky W, is just another song with commendable guitar riffs, then I encountered ‘Love My Baby’ yet another beat driven song that lets the ‘superstar’ flex his weak voice a little. As I hear the KnightHouse call in the next song, my expectation grew to be met with a banging and rich instrumentation but Wizkid ain’t no Chris Brown, the singing just evades him, like it does us mediocre singers when we try to sound like John Legend in the bathroom; his vocal defects are bared on this song and I sit through it, agony on my face. Awarding winning producer J-Sleek is to be commended for ‘Oluwalomi’ sung in Yoruba meaning “God Uses Me” rides along on kongas and something that sounds like a trumpet. It’s entirely fun to listen to (it’s also the generic ‘God’ song).

‘EME Boyz’ with guestings from Skales and Banky W wants to be a really great showing of their group power and does a really average job of it. Yet another high point which should not be over looked is ‘For Me’ with Wande Coal who literally steals the show. The 17 tracks album seemed never ending with unnecessary songs but finally comes to an ends with the previously leaked banger ‘Wiz Party’.
At the end, all the hunger for a Wizkid album seems wasted. I really want to call this album; a genre-less mish-mash of wondrous production and poor vocal work, but it is NOT a bad album though, it’s good for the debut of the so called Nigeria’s Justin Bieber. I think all that needs to happen now if for Wizkid to have more experiences to sing about than rising up from the ‘ghetto’ to ‘super stardom’; then maybe he will most likely have better lyrics and he needs to take singing classes also not forgetting that he can rap.
Empire Mates Entertainment might have released one of the best produced albums of the year, and for that they should be proud.

#InTheEnd Superstar will thrill the Wizkid stans and fill the dancefloors. It will also give haters an awesome avenue to tear into the ingenuity of Wizkid. Superstar is a perfectly-produced hot mess that will probably grow on you with multiple listens.

Posted by @Ogagus

  1. LuluVich says:

    ”Superstar is a perfectly-produced hot mess that will probably grow on you with multiple listens. ”…………This is such an epic statement. An exhilarating article. Kudos!!

  2. Gillian says:

    Great post

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