Posted: February 2, 2011 in Fresh, Reviews

Imagine you are in Ancient Rome, roaring in a Coliseum, as warriors take on the sand but instead of battling with weapons they engage each other with their vocals, and just when you think you have heard and seen enough, another songbird bursts into the arena and hits you deeply in the heart. Listen to Nokia First Chance winner Christine latest single ‘DEEP’ and I bet you will get that feeling; the singer slays, while pouring out her heart and touching ours.

“7th of November, do you still remember, when you say our love would only last forever…?” she sings, as she reminds her romantic interest about his promise to stick together because they keep going back and forth. The song which is reminiscent of Chingy’s ‘Pulling Me Back’, is bittersweet not in a Fantasia way, as she is still trapped by love but fights the feeling, packs her bags, tries to leave yet unable to because it is so deep. The emotional and vocal performance in this number is a yet another testimony that the beautiful ones have indeed been born; as she glides from the chorus in the 2:08 mark attacking the bridge with so much vigour and control. Word on the arena is that Christine sounds like Rihanna, the bottom line is I am not buying that, opinions seem to vary, listen to the songstress and be the judge of the similarity with the red-haired Bajan.

Undoubtedly the Coliseum has witnessed numerous breath-taking moments but right now my money is on the pipes of the mass communication graduate whose album ‘Life Under Construction’ hits stores soon.
Download here

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