Posted: December 30, 2010 in News & Features

Earlier, yours faithfully identified a trend among the general populace of Nigeria in particular and the world in general “Twivver”; the addiction to the social networking site “Twitter”. People have being trying to remedy the situation; after an extensive exercise I have highlighted some steps and measures that we can boldly take to start the fight against Twivver.

Coming out and admitting that you have a problem. This the very first step that you have to take; the African Proverb “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Step” can attest to this, and admitting you have an addiction can be hard. Please do not allow your family, friends and loved ones result to intervention.

Figure how much time you spend on twitter. It is very time consuming for instance on the 10th December 2010 I was busy on Twitter for over 8 hours; and the time you spend can be used on other productive ventures.

Move away from gadgets from which you can access your Twitter account. Throw your phones away if possible, it is allowed.

Or better still; set a time limit for which you will be logged on Twitter.

Surround yourself with people who hate or do not use Twitter. @junkyp you have to reduce the time you spend with @ThaYungWun, look at the good side, you will be fighting this addiction or you both will end up in Rehab.

Make a list of other things you could be doing instead of tweeting.

Set a stipulated amount of tweets you have to tweet per day. Stay clear of Twit Jail.

Take a time-off Twitter. Consider it a Twitter Holiday. I tried this one out it worked at least, for the time I was out.

If all these measures does not remedy the situation, delete your account.

  1. SpitGucci says:

    Haha…On Point and Funny buh men to say to truth,I Hope I can reduce my own addiction sha

  2. junkyp says:

    Lol,tru yanz bruf,,,bt errmmm ermmmm,, abeg abeg abeg,,I wld fyt it dis year

  3. ThaYungWun says:

    #Edondeymadt Nice 1 sha, we’ll look in2 tha twirra addiction vis year…

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